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Transfer container cargo into palletized freight

Avoid expensive per-diem charges

Arrange delivery to multiple locations

Coordinate LTL and FTL deliveries once cargo is offloaded

Dedicated team 

Work with an experienced team that will handle everything from port to door

What is Transloading?

Transloading is the process of moving a shipment from one mode of transport to another.  This typically involves the transfer of cargo from a container to a dry van.  For example, a container is picked up from the port, brought to a local warehouse for unloading, and then re-loaded onto an LTL or FTL carrier for final delivery.

How it works

  1. ECU Trucking coordinates drayage of container from the port to a local warehouse.

  2. Cargo is unloaded from container (and palletized if needed).

  3. LTL or FTL carrier picks up palletized cargo from warehouse and makes final delivery.

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