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Our Story

Founded in 2017, ECU Trucking is a standalone service offering all types of truck transportation in North America.  These services are accessible independently of ECU Worldwide’s international services.  Therefore, you could use ECU Trucking when booking with another co-loader or just purely for domestic freight.


We know the forwarding industry.  We know the challenges a forwarder encounters when contracting ground transportation services.  ECU Trucking is the solution to all these challenges, tailoring our processes to make domestic logistics more efficient.


ECU Trucking is a neutral ground transportation management company, focused on providing its services to Freight Forwarders and NVOCC’s.


ECU Trucking is based on the ground transportation model ECU Worldwide has implemented and improved over the years. We understand the importance of domestic trucking and have combined technology, experienced team, and aggressive rates to exceed your requirements.

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