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Nationwide coverage from port to door

Coordinate LTL and FTL deliveries once cargo is offloaded

Dedicated team 

Work with an experienced team that will handle everything from port to door

What is Intermodal Shipping?

Intermodal shipping involves moving containers using multiple modes of transportation.  This allows cargo to move seamlessly from port to rail to over-the-road.

  • Take advantage of lower costs with more predictable pricing.

  • Flexibility of loading and unloading goods in a dropped trailer environment.

  • Gain access to more equipment and standardized transit schedules.

  • Streamline reverse logistics to providing additional savings.

  • Most competitive for shipments over 1000 miles

  • Environmentally friendly

How it works

  1. ECU Trucking coordinates drayage of container from the port to the nearest rail ramp.

  2. Container is then transferred from the truck chassis to a rail car.

  3. Cargo moves via rail to the next intermodal ramp where it is then transferred back to a drayage carrier for final delivery.

(Reverse this process for an export shipment)

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