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Customer service

Service is at the forefront of everything we do at ECU Trucking.  Our team strives to provide the best communication to our forwarder customers.

Online quoting simplified

Our TMS does not require a freight class or NMFC number.  Simply enter your weight and dimensions for accurate rates.

API Connectivity

ECU Trucking has established API integrations with many popular TMS platforms.  Or you can access our system through our open API connection.  

Freight charge audit

Our audit team will notify you of any added charges, no later than 2 working days post delivery.

LTL transportation is very important for forwarders and cargo agents.  At ECU Trucking we work hard to avoid the challenges of matching domestic transportation processes with the way international logistics operates.


Our goal is to be competitive, easy, and compatible with your business.  We do this by building a unique LTL Vendor Portfolio, with conditions and formulas designed for the forwarding industry.​

Access our network of over 50 leading national, regional, and local carriers.


API Partners

Our TMS is already integrated with many of the leading TMS providers including 7LFreight, ShipPrimus, Project44, and TAI

API Anchor

How are we different?

  • All LTL rates are based on density: No NMFC required.  No more costly re-classifications based on commodity.  You only need weight and dimensions (or total volume).

  • Freight Charge Audit: Our team inspects all charges from the carrier immediately after delivery and sends courtesy notification of any added charges.

  • Invoices are closed within 2 business days after delivery.

  • Over 50 National, Regional, and Local LTL Carriers.

  • API Ready

  • TSA Carriers available.

  • 5-Star service rating displayed for each carrier.

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